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One of the projects of the program " Рухани Жангыру " is a "Sacred map of Kazakhstan".  For two years, the Kazakh public determines on the map of the Republic places that are especially dear to every citizen of Kazakhstan.

КГП на ПХВ “Северо-Казахстанский  медицинский колледж” КГУ “УЗ акимата СКО”On April 24, a regional debate tournament "the Role of youth in the state system of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was held by the college of North Kazakhstan University, within the framework of the year of youth.

КГП на ПХВ “Северо-Казахстанский  медицинский колледж” КГУ “УЗ акимата СКО”

Students of the group M 17-12 took part in the event of the North Kazakhstan regional universal scientific library named after S.Mukanov "BookDating" - a meeting with a book".

Выбор профессии

Medical affair  – this is the area,
where you can learn something new every day.
Florence Nightingale

The choice of profession is one of the main life priorities made by a person at a young age. Graduates of schools, who plan their future professional activities associated with medicine, visited the North Kazakhstan medical college with a tour.