КГП на ПХВ “Северо-Казахстанский высший медицинский колледж” КГУ “УЗ акимата СКО”On November 26, 2019, the North Kazakhstan higher medical сollege held elections of the President of the Student government, in which every student of the сollege could take part. In the end the vote was won by the student group D18-01 Kenjebaev Maksut Ruslanovich.

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Visiting museums is a good way of spending time, it allows you to get the feeling that you are in the past, gives you the opportunity to feel like one of the heroes of the time, conveys the atmosphere of the past. It is there that you can see ancient artifacts, manuscripts, paintings and objects that were once made by our ancestors. It is because of this that museums have great historical and cultural value.

КГП на ПХВ “Северо-Казахстанский высший медицинский колледж” КГУ “УЗ акимата СКО”

College students demonstrated their unique abilities at the "talent Show". More than 10 issues in different creative genres were presented. Participants sang, danced, read poems of their own work and even showed focus. From the stage sounded pop, classical songs, chanson and rap music, the guys showed themselves in folk and pantomime, fire dances, theatrical skills.

u1artepDqv496 students of the North Kazakhstan higher medical college took part in the Republican Olympiad "Hippocrates", organized by the Intellectual center "Urker mitec" within the project "IQ college" :